When your favorite team wins: The 10 best stories from the 2014 playoffs

Creative art media has a knack for writing amazing narratives.

Take for example the way ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” segment on the Miami Dolphins was born, or how ESPN’s ESPN SportsCenter did it in 2014.

The story of the Miami Heat was one of those that is well documented in history, and that story is a perfect example of the way that ESPN’s creative team can make us believe.

But what makes the story even more impressive is that it took a team that didn’t quite have a winning season and transformed it into a franchise that is one of the most feared in sports.

From the moment the Miami team arrived in Miami, they were the team that was the envy of the league.

The team that brought in LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Chris Andersen and a whole host of other superstars.

The Miami Heat were the first team to be awarded the 2010 NBA championship, and the first to take home the 2013 title, as well. 

And while the team was already considered a juggernaut, in the span of two seasons, they went from an unknown to the greatest team in sports history. 

This was all done because of the work of Mark Cuban and his Miami Heat organization.

Mark Cuban, a man that has been in the NBA since the beginning of time and has had a huge impact on the game of basketball, is a person that has made a name for himself on the basketball world.

He is a man who believes in the game as much as anyone.

He has built a company that has brought about countless championships in the league, and he has the ability to make any story that he wants.

He was not only a basketball fan, but also a fan of storytelling and storytelling has never been his strong suit.

This was no different. 

The first story that Mark Cuban wrote for ESPN in the Miami Hurricanes’ time in Miami was about a player that he loved, and had the opportunity to watch and become friends with, was his teammate, Goran Dragic. 

In the story, Mark Cuban was given an interview and a chance to share his thoughts on Goran’s incredible career and how he has impacted the game. 

One of the biggest questions that the fan asked was about how Cuban felt about the fact that Goran was coming off his first career playoff win, when the Heat had the chance to win the championship and the fans were hoping to see another team go deep into the playoffs.

Cuban didn’t have the best feelings about that, as he knew that he would be coming off another title, and his focus was on helping the team to a championship that they would have the chance in his lifetime. 

During the 2014-15 season, the Miami franchise had just been traded to the Charlotte Hornets, who had been the team for Mark Cuban’s entire career.

While the move was an important one for Miami, the move also came with a major caveat.

Goran wasn’t guaranteed a spot on the team, and while he was a key part of Miami’s winning season, he also had to earn a spot in the starting lineup. 

Goran was the most experienced player on the Heat roster and his leadership and commitment to the team on and off the court was something that Mark didn’t see coming.

In the story he said that Gorans leadership and dedication to the Heat was what got him the opportunity on the roster and also gave him the chance for a shot to be on the NBA team in his career. 

“When I was in college, I played basketball, and I played with guys that were just like Goran.

I would tell my friends, ‘Hey man, I know how much you guys work, how hard you work.

So what if you didn’t play basketball?

What if you went to school and did something else?

That’s cool.

But that’s where you’re going to be when you’re done playing, because you’ll be in a job that’s really fun and really rewarding.’

So that was one thing that I learned from Goran: That if you work hard and you love the game, you’re gonna be in the team and you’re not gonna be alone.” 

While the Miami fans were excited about the idea of Goran on the court, the fan base was concerned about how the franchise would handle him in the future.

The Heat were known for being the team of the future, but they had a player who was only going to continue to grow as a player and as a leader. 

Mark Cuban had the vision to be able to make the Miami Bulls even better than they were when Goran arrived, and Mark Cuban knew that the team would have to be built around him. 

When Goran returned to the Miami HEAT in 2014, he brought with him an incredible amount of talent.

He had a team of players that had all of the tools that Mark had built in Miami: size, speed, wingspan, athleticism, size, length,


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