Which movies are earning the biggest creative media salaries in 2018?

Creativa Media, a subsidiary of the world’s largest publishing house, Penguin Random House, has released its annual creative media earnings report.

The report looks at revenue per 1,000 people in the creative industries and the number of people employed in the industry.

The top performers in the year were Warner Bros. and Pixar, which both saw their total revenue rise by 7% to $9.2 billion.

Both studios also saw their profits grow by a whopping 9.6%.

The other big winners were Universal and Disney, which saw their revenue increase by 10% to a record $9 billion.

Those two studios also reported a whopping 15% increase in total profits, which is more than double the previous year’s.

Pixar also posted the largest share of total creative revenue increase in the last decade, increasing its revenue by 16.3% to an astounding $5.9 billion, while Warner Bros., with a profit increase of only 3.7%, saw its revenue increase to $8.4 billion.

The year’s other big performers in revenue were Disney and Pixar with revenues each growing by 6% to roughly $1.9 and $1 billion, respectively.

Disney and Warner Bros also both reported a revenue increase of 12.7%.

The most surprising winners were Lionsgate and Lionsgate Classics, which each saw their revenues increase by 3% to nearly $1 million, respectively, with both studios also seeing their profits increase by 5% to close the year at $1,200 million.

The biggest winners in total creative income were Warner Brothers and Pixar.

Both Warner Bros and Pixar also saw a profit growth of nearly 9% to almost $2 billion, which was also more than the previous record set by Universal, which increased its profit by 14.3%.

Universal also reported record profits of $1 of $3 billion.

The other major winners were Disney, Pixar and Lions Gate, which collectively reported a profit of $6.2 trillion.


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