How to Make the Perfect Beer-Infused Salad for a New Year’s Eve Celebration

You may have thought you knew everything there was to know about how to brew a beer-infused salad.

After all, you’ve probably had one at some point in your life.

But there are some things that don’t get taught well enough, and that’s exactly what I wanted to address with this post.

The first thing you’ll need is a bottle of beer.

I don’t mean one of the ubiquitous brands that you buy at the grocery store, like Bud Light or Bud Light Classic.

You want something that’s a bit more subtle.

So, you’ll want to start with a few bottles of beer, or you can use a few other styles of beer that you’ve had.

If you’re using a beer you’ve brewed yourself, I recommend trying to get a few cans of your favorite brew, like an IPA, a lager, a pilsner, or a stout.

This way, you can have a few options for the ingredients and flavor.

For the beer itself, I like to buy the cheapest, most flavorful beer available at the craft beer store, but you can also try to find something on the cheap at the local grocery store.

This is where you’ll find some great choices, like some of the many craft brews at your local craft brewery.

I usually opt for a light beer, like a beer like Blue Moon or Anchor Steam.

The beer tastes like the hops on the tap, but it’s not overpowering.

It just tastes nice.

This is great for making a great beer for a party, but I also like it for a quick drink.

Also, I usually find a little bit of lemon juice to add a touch of sweetness.

The lemon adds a nice flavor to the beer, but if you want to really add something different, you could add a little lemon zest or something sweet like cinnamon.

I like the combination of the two.

You’ll want something to hold the salad together and to add some tang to it.

You can use some of these things: a few sprigs of thyme or rosemary, or basil or a little orange peel or a lemon.

Once you’ve got everything you need to make this salad, you don’t need to worry about what kind of salad dressing you’ll use.

All you need is some olive oil, some olive or canola oil, a little vinegar, a squeeze of lemon, and some fresh herbs to taste.

If you want something more traditional, I would definitely try the olive oil and a little mustard or cayenne.

If this salad is going to be shared, I’d probably opt for the mustard and some parsley.

I think a little cayennes or fresh parsley adds a great amount of sweetness to the salad.

Finally, I just like to serve this with a nice salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado, if you prefer that kind of thing.

There are so many variations that you can make this to suit your tastes and your budget.

If I were to make one version of this salad right now, I think I’d go with a little more of the vinegar for the dressing, and a touch more lemon for the lemon zester.

And, finally, if this is your first year of celebrating with beer, I encourage you to go out and have a nice pint or two.

I really love to see new friends and family come together to share their own brews.

Here’s how to make the perfect beer-inspired salad: 1.

Add some lemon juice and vinegar 2.

Add olive oil 3.

Add a pinch of mustard or a pinch and a squeeze or two of lemon 4.

Saute onions and celery for a few minutes, then add a squeeze.


Add cucumbers and tomatoes to the ingredients, then saute for a couple minutes, adding a little olive oil.


Add garlic, salt, and pepper, and add a splash of water.


Add more olive oil if you need it, and then sauté for a minute, adding some lemon zests and parsley to the dressing.

Let’s see how you do! Enjoy!


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