Google to launch ‘Creative Latin’ as an advertising network

Google is likely to launch Creative Latin, a new ad network for Latin American countries, as part of its efforts to tap into its existing Latin market.

The initiative, launched in October, will see Google expand its ad targeting platform to include Latin America and the Caribbean, with a focus on Latin America, and will also work with other companies to provide new content.

The platform will work with digital media partners to deliver ads, branded video and other creative content across the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

Google, which has more than 80 million ads on Latin American websites, will also leverage the platform for Latin America’s upcoming elections.

It is a significant move for Google, with its Latin American ad targeting program seen as an important part of the company’s strategy to reach and engage more users.

The new advertising platform will not be directly competing with the likes of Adwords, but will work alongside Google’s existing ad targeting infrastructure, according to the company.

“Creative is a great way for us to get more exposure for our products and services,” said John Burke, head of global ad sales for Google.

“Our users have been telling us they want to see more from us, and we want to deliver the content that our users want to hear.”

Creative will work closely with Google to provide content for its services and products, Burke added.

The service will work in collaboration with existing partners, including local TV and radio stations, TV ad networks and social media platforms, and could help Google broaden its reach beyond Latin America.

Google launched Creative in late 2018, and has been testing the platform in Latin America for the past two years.

The company says it has already seen significant success in reaching Latin Americans with ads that it says are well suited to their needs.

“We’re thrilled to be able to build on this success, and expand our Creative offerings to more Latin American markets,” said Google’s head of Latin America strategy, Alex Bortolotti.

The creative platform will provide a platform for content creators to build and monetise their work.

“With more than 50 million creative and editorial channels in Latin American, we see Creative as an ideal way to connect with and engage users, and to reach them through our existing ad products,” Burke said.

The ad targeting team, which will include creative directors and ad tech experts, will focus on bringing creators, content owners and advertisers together, Burke said, adding that they will collaborate with other ad platforms to develop the new platform.

“The creative and creative tech teams will work together to create a new advertising model that will allow us to build out the best content platform for creators in Latin and around the world,” he said.

Creative, which launched in 2018, will work to make sure that users can find the right content to engage with, Burke explained.

“Users can get more relevant content by going to Creative’s search or by clicking on our creative ads, and they can find great content that fits with their needs, preferences and preferences,” he added. 

The new ad platform is expected to be launched in early 2019.


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