How to Make a Superheroine and Keep Them Alive on Television

Creative media has taken the Internet by storm, but now it’s time to keep some of the best talent in the business on screen.

Here are some tips for how to keep creative talent alive on TV.1.

Start with the right character1.

The character is the star of your show.

You’re more likely to have the audience in awe of a well-drawn character if they’re a good actor, say.

But if you’re a television writer or director, you can find a lot of the same potential by starting with someone you like and who fits your vision of what the character should be like.

The first rule of casting is to pick the right person.2.

Keep a focus on the hero or heroine of your story.

When you start out, make sure to look beyond the main character and to find other characters to fill out the story, says Jon M. Wertheim, a creative producer and director.

“I find that when I’m writing for television, it helps me to think of other stories and other characters that have stories and characters that I could take that could be used as the basis for the next story,” he says.3.

Don’t go overboard.

Don, don’t go beyond your initial idea.

“If you’re thinking about doing something really crazy, you don’t need to worry about it,” Wertheimer says.

If you think a character could be a big part of your character, make it your main character, he says, not just a supporting character.4.

Start out with an actor in mind.

It’s not enough to have an actor who’s going to give your character depth and emotion.

“A lot of times, you have to find an actor that’s going the same route as you,” Wartheim says.

“That’s where you need to go, to find someone who’s the same way that you are.”5. Don


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