How to make a ‘faux’ Instagram page in under 30 minutes

We spent two hours with The Creators Project, an online tool designed to help creatives create fake Instagram accounts.

While the service isn’t available to anyone yet, its a great way to make the fake Instagram experience feel like an actual account rather than just a feed.

But how to get started?

The Creaters Project is a new service designed to connect creators with audiences.

The founders are keen to emphasize that the app isn’t designed for a specific audience and has more in common with Instagram Stories than with Facebook Pages.

To make a fake Instagram account, you’ll need to use The Creates Project’s mobile app, which will scan your feed and then send you a fake account template.

Once you’ve got the template, it’ll let you create a new profile with a different photo, a different avatar, and a few other things.

The creator has to provide a link to the original account in the app, so that people can follow and interact with the account, and the account has to be set up on the Creates site.

Once the account is set up, users can send photos to it.

Users can send their own Instagram pictures to the account as well, so the creator can take advantage of a shared image library and keep the photo’s metadata intact.

The Createss account can also be shared on Instagram using the shared feed feature, so if you’re sharing a photo of yourself with a friend, you can post that to your own account and be able to see your friend’s photo and see the profile picture.

Once your account is established, you get a curated feed with content curated by the Createss creators and curated by others.

The site is designed to work with any app, whether it’s a photo app like Snapchat or a messaging app like WhatsApp.

The account is then set up in The Creatives site and can be shared with any Instagram app, and anyone who wants to can follow you.

For example, you could follow @sarahlakeshadow and then add her account to the Creative Hub app and then share it to your Instagram feed.

Once that’s set up and the user has the account on Instagram, you have the option to share the account to your Twitter feed.

You could also set up the account with another app, like an Instagram filter or a photo editor like Adobe Lightroom, or you can even use TheCreates Studio, an app designed to be an Instagram replacement for Adobe Photoshop.

For now, The Createsses Studio is only available in the US.

But you can use it to set up a fake Facebook account and then set it up with another social network like Snapchat.


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