‘Frozen’ sequel to be released by Disney, not Disney-owned Quantum Media

Frozen 2 is in development by Disney-Pixar-Lucasfilm-Blumhouse, not Walt Disney Studios.

The studio will produce it in its own right, not as a partner.

“The sequel will be Disney-operated and be written by the Disney team,” a Disney spokesperson said.

“We’ve been exploring how to bring it to life in this new way and we are very excited about the possibilities of what we’ve found with this new approach.

This is an exciting time for Disney and for the fans of the franchise.”

Disney CEO Bob Iger was in the UK last week for a meeting with the UK government, the BBC reported, and has expressed interest in creating a “frozen” film series.

The first Frozen movie, released in 2012, was a critical hit.

The sequel, released this summer, grossed $7 billion worldwide.

Disney is currently in the midst of developing a sequel to “Finding Dory,” based on the Disney cartoon, and is also developing a live-action feature film about the life of the Pixar Animation Studios chief executive, Bob Igers.

Disney’s upcoming slate includes “Beauty and the Beast” and “Frozen Fever.”


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