The new digital world is here: The latest in digital advertising

Today marks the launch of the latest version of the digital advertising strategy of Big Three companies – Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The digital ad strategy has long been about how to connect with the digital audience, rather than how to target them.

That has changed.

The biggest digital ad companies now have the same objectives as the ad industry in the past: to drive revenue growth for the ad companies themselves, and to make money for advertisers by making them more visible to people’s social networks.

But the digital ad market is changing fast, and companies are also finding they need to adjust their strategies to match it.

Facebook and Google have changed their strategy dramatically, and are now more focused on selling more relevant content, rather the old model of showing people ads that they want to see.

Facebook has also changed how it generates revenue.

Facebook is increasingly focussed on helping advertisers reach their target audiences in real time.

Google has gone further, and now spends a lot of time on social and mobile ads.

This means that it’s also spending a lot more time making sure people see its ads as they would a product on the internet, rather then on Facebook or Google.

Facebook’s strategy has also shifted, with its new chief executive officer, Sheryl Sandberg, saying she would like to be the ‘socially responsible’ CEO.

She is now focusing more on the company’s mission of “building a better world”.

Google, meanwhile, has also been trying to get people to buy from the web, rather from their mobile devices, in order to grow its revenue.

Its strategy has changed too, with Google now trying to create “sociological learning” platforms, and then helping advertisers make money from them.

As a result, its advertising revenue is expected to increase from $30bn in 2016 to $130bn by 2020.

These three companies have the opportunity to become big players in digital ad, and could be a big part of the future growth of the internet advertising market.


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