‘The Real Housewives of New York’ star gets help in rehab from mom on Instagram

“When I’m at home and I have a kid, I want to spend time with my daughter,” Kaitlyn Phillips says on the third season of The Real Housewife of New Jersey, a drama series about the New York City socialites.

“I want to get away from all the work and to spend more time with her and spend time in the sun.”

She added that she would like to spend some time in rehab to get back in touch with her kids.

The Real is one of the most watched reality shows on cable and is a ratings juggernaut.

But the reality series has become a cautionary tale for moms like Phillips who feel like their children are the ones to take care of the kids.

“It’s so hard when they’re watching their moms.

When they’re sitting at home watching The Real and the kids are getting really stressed out and upset, it’s hard for them to sit back and not think, ‘Oh, my mom is going to be the one to put them in the car and take them to a movie,'” Phillips said.

“That’s not a good situation.”

Phillips said she feels that if her children don’t have to worry about her mom being there, they’ll be better off.

“If they don’t need me to be there, then they’ll get better at it.

And that’s the most important thing: They’ll get stronger,” Phillips said on the Real Housekeepers of New Orleans season premiere.

“They’ll get healthier and they’ll grow and they will grow up in a way that is more supportive and less destructive and more loving and more caring and more appreciative and more respectful.”

Phillipp said she hopes to take her children to movies and other activities with her.

“I’m going to give them some really great family time and I’m going have some fun with them,” she said.

The Real is set to return for a fourth season in 2017.


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