How to get creative media jobs in Surabaya

The Creative Media Jobs Program has launched a program that has given creative professionals opportunities to apply for jobs in the Philippines, and is looking for new talent to support the country’s growth.

A group of about 300 creative professionals from around the world is working in the country to support local entrepreneurs, with the help of local media companies, and the goal is to help them grow.

The program was launched in March by the Philippine Film Corporation (PFLC) and is funded by the PFLC’s Philippine Creative Media Fund (PCMF), a project of the Philippines government.

The PCMF is tasked with assisting and developing local companies and individuals through education, outreach and training.

As a member of the PFLAG, which is a non-profit organisation that supports women in the arts and culture, I am happy to help with this initiative.

It is also great to see that this initiative has been supported by the Government of the Republic of the United States (US), which is in a similar situation to the Philippines.

The PCMF also helps local companies to secure funding for projects, through a program called The Philippines Business Program (PBP), which provides a small tax credit for business investments.

The PBP is designed to support small and medium enterprises to grow.

We are very excited to see what creative professionals can do in the new creative media sector.

I would love to know if you are interested in applying.

I am in charge of the Philippine Creative media Fund (PFLAG), so if you would like to apply, please do so.

We have an amazing and diverse group of creative professionals.

I know that you are very passionate about the Philippines and want to help us grow the local creative industries in this country.

The Philippines is a huge and growing creative market.

If you want to work in the local media sector, please contact us to learn more about how you can help.


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