How to build an amazing mobile game with Storm creative island media

Creative island media (CIM) has released an amazing new mobile game called Storm.

The game is a collaboration between Storm creator Durga and Creative island’s senior game designer Ravi Kumar.

The collaboration is being showcased at the Indian Games Congress in Hyderabad and will be showcased in more than 50 cities in India.

In Storm, you can choose from a number of characters and characters from various genres like comedy, action, RPG and even platforming.

You can also choose between three types of gameplay: exploration, combat and strategic.

Storm is being released for Android and iOS, but CIM is not sharing details of its PC, Mac or Linux versions.

The game is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

The developer is hoping that the game will help create a new kind of entertainment ecosystem for the Indian game market.CIM has been developing mobile games for over a decade.

This was the first time that CIM released a mobile game, though it was a collaboration with a major game studio.

Storm has been in development for about two years now.

Durga started working on the game with Kumar in 2016.

They started working together when Kumar was a student at Mumbai Institute of Technology.

“The game itself has some similarities to my earlier games, but this time we have gone a step further and added more depth to the gameplay,” said Kumar.

“The goal of this time was to create a game with a deep gameplay experience and give it a more cinematic feel.

So, we made more animations and added new mechanics like a boss fight and a boss attack.”CIM’s other games include the acclaimed RPG ‘Pong’ and the upcoming ‘Tales from the Dark’ (a mobile game that features a world with monsters, robots and a variety of other characters).

The Storm team is also working on a new mobile adventure game called ‘The Path of the Gods’.

The game has been set to launch later this year.

Cim is a mobile games studio with over 70 staff members in India and around 80 employees in China.

It is part of a growing trend of developers building games on mobile platforms.CUMU has also been releasing mobile games in India since 2015.

Its games include a variety that were first released in China, such as ‘Saiyans of the Himalayas’ and ‘Hindu Gods’.


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