How to create the perfect logo from scratch

If you’re looking for a logo that will make you stand out in your professional photography portfolio, then this is the perfect opportunity to look. We’ve created the perfect tutorial to help you create a new logo using only a few keystrokes. But before you dive in, let’s look at the pros and cons of using a […]

How the world is evolving for creatives

LONDON — As the digital age takes hold, creative industries are facing a new set of challenges.As digital-only businesses face a new wave of competition, many are being asked to rethink how they deliver content and services.The result is a surge in competition between digital platforms and the new generation of content creators that are […]

When will we get rid of the word ‘sued’?

So, this is what you have to do if you want to talk about what the word “sued” means in your court of law.There are plenty of legal precedents that say that you have a constitutional right to have a lawsuit filed against you in the state where you live.There’s a federal statute that states […]

How to turn your digital creativity into revenue

4d creative entertainment director is an associate producer at the BBC. The creative producer is responsible for creating and directing digital content for BBC programmes and digital content from UK media, including digital news, film, and video content.He is also responsible for the BBC’s Digital Content strategy, a portfolio of content that is developed and managed […]


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