Why I Am So Angry With The Lazy Media For Being Lazy About Being Smart

I was writing a book called Smart People and Lazy People, about smart people who are smart and lazy.

The first section of the book had a big headline, “Smart People Are Lazy,” which seemed to suggest that smart people have a hard time making smart decisions and that lazy people don’t have the ability to understand the complexities of smart people.

The second section had a similar headline, which suggested that lazy or stupid people can’t make smart decisions or can’t understand the complexity of smart decisions.

The third section, entitled Why Smart People Are Smart, had a much better headline, with the phrase, “Why Smart People are Lazy.”

The first sentence of that sentence was, “We’ve all heard that we are smart but lazy.”

So, I wrote a whole book about why smart people are smart, and it has been a massive success.

But, I had an issue with how the smart people were labeled and labeled as lazy.

And I’ve heard a lot of other things about people who were lazy and stupid and dumb and dumb as well.

I don’t think that it’s helpful to label a person as lazy if that person can make a good decision.

I think it’s better to call them lazy if they have a tendency to make bad decisions.

This is a good time to point out that I’ve had an ongoing relationship with my own laziness.

In high school, I got my first computer and my first personal computer.

And in college, I did all of the work that I did in high school that I do in college.

And, at one point, I was working at McDonalds and I got fired.

And then I got to college.

I worked at McDonald’s for six months and then got my degree.

And so, I think there’s a lot to be said about what it means to be lazy and to be smart.

And the reason I’m doing this is because I’ve been working at an institution of higher education for almost 30 years.

And there’s something very disheartening about that, to be fired, to lose your job.

But the thing that I find really interesting about it is that I found out that in the early ’90s, it was very common for faculty and staff to not be smart enough to figure out how to run a large corporation.

And they didn’t know how to get into management positions.

And this is the problem.

So, you get the idea.

So I’ve always been in that kind of situation.

I’ve gotten fired.

I have a degree.

I got a job.

I’m a professor at a big university.

And now I’ve got to do everything by myself.

It’s not fair.

It seems to me that we need to make smarter decisions and make smart people more productive and more effective.

And if we do that, then we’re going to be happier, healthier, and happier people.

And that’s something that I’m very passionate about.

And what I found is that this is really true.

I found this to be the case with many of my colleagues, in other words, people who have degrees and who are able to start their own companies, or start their careers.

So it’s a reality that we have to deal with.

So this is not just a problem in my own career.

It is a reality in many people’s lives.

And it is a problem for our society, for our economy, and for our country.

And we need a lot more people who do this.

But this is a serious problem.

And part of the reason for this is that people have been trying to solve it for hundreds of years.

So the question is, why are we trying to do this?

And that is, is there some way we can make smarter people smarter?

And the answer is yes.

So let’s start with this.

What is the Problem of Lazy and Stupidity?

There’s two parts to this.

One is that there’s this idea that people are lazy and that they’re stupid.

And when we talk about lazy people, what we’re talking about is laziness, or the lack of it.

And people often think of laziness as a failure to do something.

And laziness is the failure to be productive, the failure not to do what you’re supposed to do.

But people also have a strong sense of social obligation, a strong desire to succeed, and a strong inclination to do things that others would disapprove of.

And these are all things that people want to do and that are going to make them happy.

And all of these things have to be done by somebody, right?

So the idea is that these are things that we all have to do, and we all do them, to make our lives better.

And one of the things that’s important is that we find out how and where we are and what we need.

The other thing that we want to find


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