#CalledIt: A new type of creative media platform, called #CameToMe, launches in the city of Bangalore

Bangalore, India – #CAMEToMe is a new kind of creative content management platform, launched in the Bangalore city by Bangalore-based startup @cametome, to enable a new type to create and share their content.

The platform, which was founded by founder @pankaj_mahal, aims to create a community for all types of content creators in the country.

“I want to empower creators of all types to create content, and to get it out there,” said @pinkypink_panda.

“Came toMe is an online community for creators of creative and creative-oriented content.

We have a team of talented content creators from across the country and have created the first platform for that,” said Mahal, a founding partner at the company.

“We believe this platform will help to create new communities that can be accessed and shared by anyone.

We’re also hoping that the platform will bring more value to the content creators who share their creative content,” she added.

The idea behind #CAMELAB was to create an ecosystem for content creators, and the platform has already received support from several big media companies including BBC, CNN, CNBC, The Guardian, The Times of India, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

The startup launched in February 2017, and has been running successfully since then.

It has raised over Rs 1.5 crore in its crowdfunding campaign, which is expected to come to a close in October.

The company is looking to raise funds from the likes of angel investors, venture capitalists and corporates.

“Our team has created a platform for all kinds of creators, but we want to create one that is easy to use and accessible to the masses,” Mahal said.

#CamedToMe allows creators to organize their content and share it, which in turn will generate buzz and generate revenue for them.

It will also be used to grow the ecosystem around creators and their content, she added, adding that the startup aims to make the platform affordable for users.

The app will be available in the coming months.

The first batch of content can be downloaded by users from the app, with more content to be created in the future.

For more on #CAMSEDToMe check out our full interview with Pinkypink Panda.

The #CAMIEModern Media Hubs and Digital Media Hub for #CAMPEDToME:


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