Scotland’s creative media ministry: ‘We are here to create and support’

Scottish creative media ministries are struggling to keep up with a flood of digital news and social media content.

Here’s what you need to know about them.

| Photo Credit: BBC Scotland article A new digital media hub, Creative Scotland, is coming online in early 2019.

The initiative aims to give Scotland the tools to create, share and consume creative content across all of its media platforms.

Ahead of its launch, CreativeScotland chief executive Fiona Stewart said the hub will create a digital hub that will support digital storytelling, create content for the Scottish media and create an environment where all voices are heard.

“Creative Scotland is about bringing Scotland’s diverse, creative and creative-driven communities together and creating an open and welcoming space for the production and distribution of creative content,” Stewart said.

“We want to be a place where everyone is encouraged to contribute and collaborate in order to create a new digital culture.”

A number of Scottish creative institutions have already begun the work of building the hub, with the arts, design, and entertainment industries all in the process of launching their own digital media platforms that will allow for the sharing of content and content creation.

Stewart said that while Creative Scotland’s digital hub would not be a standalone service, it would be a “starting point” for the media sector.

“It will be a hub of digital media to enable local communities to be able to create content and to share it across all their media platforms,” she said.

The Scottish creative sector has been a key part of the UK’s creative industries for more than a century.

Its output includes film, music, music videos, TV, theatre and theatre productions, and digital platforms like the BBC, SBS and the BBC Scotland.

The Scottish creative economy is worth £3.6 billion and is estimated to create about 100,000 jobs.

The sector is also the third largest contributor to the Scottish economy, after agriculture and tourism.

The creative sector’s contribution to the UK economy has been crucial in securing Scotland’s position as a global creative hub.

A new Scottish Creative Industries Research (SCIR) report released in June 2018 said that Scotland had become the UKs largest creative economy, with Scotland having a total of 1,534 creative industries and an estimated GDP of £2.9 trillion.


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