How the world is evolving for creatives

LONDON — As the digital age takes hold, creative industries are facing a new set of challenges.

As digital-only businesses face a new wave of competition, many are being asked to rethink how they deliver content and services.

The result is a surge in competition between digital platforms and the new generation of content creators that are looking for ways to connect with audiences.

“It is changing from a world where a person could just go to a digital-first company to a world in which they can build an audience for their own content,” said Rob Taylor, founder and CEO of Creative Coast Media.

“The internet has changed the game.”

As more people and businesses are taking advantage of the internet, they are finding that a new generation is developing their own strategies to bring content to consumers, according to Mr. Taylor.

“I think the internet has been transformative in terms of the way people get their news and entertainment,” he said.

“We have the ability to make content now and make it at scale and have the power to reach audiences on other platforms.

I think that is an enormous opportunity for all of us.”

Creative Coast Media has been a leader in the industry for a number of years, but has recently grown in prominence with the launch of a series of creative projects.

In September, it partnered with New York-based creative startup, Art of Living, to create a series titled “Creative Content: The Story of a Digital Storytelling Journey,” which will be available to all Creatives.

In November, Creative Coast released a short documentary titled “Digital Storytelling.”

In the latest project, CreativeCoast Media partnered with the London-based company, Digital Storytellers, to launch a documentary titled, “Creator Stories.”

“Creator Storyteller is the first global documentary series about digital storytelling, and we are thrilled to have them join us on the Creative Coast team,” said Steve Wilson, Creative Co-Founder.

“This is a real opportunity to showcase creative content from around the world, and this project will provide a platform for creators to share their work and experiences.”

Creator stories follows two young creatives as they make their way through their own digital journey and the challenges they face as they continue to hone their craft.

Creative Co-Creator, Dan Duchateau, will be joined by other creatives who have been inspired by the CreativeCoaster experience.

They include:Cody Wilson, an experienced freelance videographer and founder of the creative platform, Creative Stories, is a graduate of the University of Kent, and has been living in London for six years.

He started his creative career in 2010 working as a content producer for an online magazine.

“Creative Storyteachers has been my creative outlet for over two years,” said Cody Wilson.

“I am a passionate storyteller, and a huge fan of the Creative Coaster experience.”

In 2016, he founded Creative Storytester and started working with the Creative Company team to bring creative content to audiences around the globe.

Cody is excited to be working with Creative Coast as part of the Creative Company team.

We believe that Creative Coast is a company with a great future in London and beyond, and I am excited to help them reach their potential.

“Creature Coast has already secured the rights to the Creative Storyteacher documentary, which will also be available for free download.

The company has also developed a mobile app for the CreativeStory app, which is available for iPhone, Android and Kindle devices.

The app offers a quick way to discover and follow Creative Coast’s work.

The Creative Coast Digital Media team is excited for the opportunity to be part of this growing creative industry in London.


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