Australia to ban ‘fake news’ as online content reaches millions

Posted March 01, 2019 16:14:51A number of websites, including Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post and the New York Times, are among the sites being targeted by an Australian government crackdown.

The move comes as the Federal Government plans to impose new legislation that would impose a number of restrictions on websites that publish fake news.

Key points:The Australian Government says it is banning the publication of fake news online and banning content that is “controversial, distasteful, hateful, offensive or harmful” to othersUnder the proposed legislation, online publishers would have to notify the Australian Federal Police (AFP) if content they publish breaches its guidelines, and have to remove it within two weeksThe legislation, which is currently being drafted, would also allow the AFP to block websites from publishing material that has been “misleading or misleading”The Australian Federal Government says the changes would be made “to protect the integrity of the Australian community”, and it is also considering whether to increase fines for websites that do not comply with the laws.

However, the Government has been criticised by a number online publications for not putting in place any restrictions at the time of the publication.

The proposed legislation would see the Federal government require websites to notify it if content published breaches the guidelines.

It would also require websites that fail to comply with new guidelines, including those on how to report content breaches, to remove any such content within two months.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is also currently examining the legislation.

The Federal Government said it was looking at “how best to proceed with the proposed amendments”.

“The Government is committed to ensuring that Australia’s free speech remains a cornerstone of our democracy,” the statement said.

“While this legislation is in its early stages, it has the potential to significantly strengthen Australia’s ability to hold online publishers and others accountable for the content they post.”

We are committed to protecting the integrity and fairness of our free speech and ensuring the integrity, fairness and freedom of the internet.

“The Government’s proposed changes come after an online publication, Buzzfeed Media, was threatened with sanctions for publishing “fake news” on its website.

Buzzfeed said it would remove the article within a week, and the publication would be subject to fines of up to $50,000 per offence.

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said the publication’s content “contains hate, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, transphobia, and other hate speech” and was “not appropriate for publication in Australia”.”

This article was published by Buzzfeed and it’s very disappointing that it would be used to further attack someone’s identity, their reputation and their livelihood,” he said.

The US-based publication was criticised for publishing fake news, including conspiracy theories and “disinformation” that was “unacceptable and harmful”.

A number other online publications have been targeted in recent weeks for publishing content that has “controversy, distaste, hateful or offensive” content.



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