Doodle creative media and surabayan: A collaboration between Vancity Buzz and Creative Concepts Media

VANCITY Buzz has launched a collaboration with Creative Concepts in an effort to “build and expand a vibrant and creative creative creative community” across Surabaya.

In partnership with the Surabayan National Park, the two organisations will collaborate on “doodle” creative content on the website and in the print media, creating a new way for Surabayans to connect with their creative side.

“The key is to create a place where we all feel welcome and that all share in the shared vision and vision for the future,” said Creative Concepts’ Chief Creative Officer David Eby.

“[This] will allow for a new creative space to flourish, creating an ecosystem of shared creativity, which is what the Suribayans are looking for.”

“With the digital and social media platforms of the future, creativity will be a more common and important form of expression than ever before,” Eby added.

“This is the best time for creativity to flourish in the world, and with the rise of creative media, we’re all in this together.”

The Doodle is the brainchild of Creative Concepts.

The concept is to allow people to share their creations, and they want to make sure that people can see it as they would any other art work.

“The Surabays dream is for Surabs creativity to become a common resource,” said Eby, who has worked in creative media for over 30 years.

“When we’re sharing, we create something that we can all use and enjoy.”

“This Doodle will allow people from across the world to see what is possible with their creativity and create the things that they want and want to create,” he said.

The partnership will allow users to share artwork in a unique format that is more accessible and more creative.

The Surabayedans will be able to easily share their artworks via social media, and also upload them to the website for anyone to read.

It will also allow people who are interested in creating, sharing, and learning more about their culture to engage with other Surabawas to learn about their heritage and history.

“It’s going to be a way for everyone to get connected, share and learn about Surabawan culture,” said David E by way of explaining the creative elements of the project.

“We’re really excited to be able do this together,” said Tana Aweida, creative director at Surabaida Arts and Culture.

She is hoping to start the project in 2018.


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