Which Creative Laser Media is Best for your Lenses?

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you have one laser, use it”.

Whether you have multiple laser, one with two, or even two with one, the answer to this question is, “All the same”.

However, with the advent of the new generation of Creative Laser Devices (CDLs), we are seeing more and more creative laser companies making waves by offering high quality, low cost, and highly customizable products.

And, that is great news for us laser enthusiasts.

And the more creative we become, the more we need laser equipment.

We are excited to share some of the latest laser equipment and products with you, so you can make your dreams come true! 


Laser ProLaser 10 Laser Pro 5 is a highly customizable laser that is available in both 5- and 10-blade configurations. 

The ProLasers features include the Vibrance and Vibrate modes, Vortex and Spinning modes, and a number of options for a variety of applications. 

A new version of the ProLasek 10 Laser has been released with the D-Laser 10.

The new version has more features including an upgraded Power mode, a new laser control unit, and even an advanced LED screen. 


The Vintage Laser 5 features a new power mode, Power Beam mode, and more options for the vintage laser. 


The Vintage Laser 5 is the latest generation of the Tiger Laser 10, the original 10-blade, 5-blade model. 

It comes with a wide array of options to choose from, including a Voltage mode that allows you to control the laser’s power output directly from your computer, or you can connect the laser to your home theater system with the HDMI connection. 


Nirva Pro5 is the latest in a line of NIRVA 10 products that come in 10- and 5-blades. 

This laser is powered by an advanced, full-spectrum power mode and a new Power beam mode. 

5. Energizer Laser 5 Laser 5-Blade is a high-performance laser that features a high power mode that lets you control the laser’s power input from your computer. 


Tritium Laser 10 Laser is an in-wall laser with a high power output mode. 


Cylinder Laser 5 Laser 4 is available in 3-blade and 5blade configurations, and it comes with A/V, Bluetooth, GPS, USB, and HDMI inputs. 


Harmony Laser 10 is also a 5-blade lamp that comes with an A LED display and a RGB display. 


Dolphin Laser 10 Laptop Laser  is a high-performance lens with a 2-blade configuration and it comes with an Advanced LED display, HDI connector, and USB. 

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