How to get paid to make a viral video: Here are the steps you need to follow

Posted January 06, 2018 07:59:07 How to Get Paid to Make a Viral Video: Here is the list of steps you will need to take in order to make the video viral.1.

Create your video.

Create a new video, a short clip, or any other type of short video that shows you doing something creative or interesting.

Create an avatar for your video that you can easily use in your video to show people that you are creative.2.

Create content.

Create any type of content for your short video, including a blog post, blog post featuring your video, and more.3.

Produce your video for Facebook.

Upload your short clip to Facebook and post it to your page.

Facebook will pay you for every click on your video page, up to a maximum of $25 per click.4.

Share your video with your friends.

Share the video on your Facebook wall, Instagram, or Snapchat.5.

Earn money.

After you have shared your video on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, you will earn money by advertising on Facebook.

After posting your video in Facebook, you can earn up to $25 for each click on the video.6.

Share it with your family and friends.

Sharing your video will earn you more money per click on Facebook and Instagram.7.

Share with your community.

Share on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, and get additional Facebook and/or Instagram revenue.8.


Tweet about your video and receive a reward from Facebook and up to 20 additional social media partners.9.

Share to your followers.

Share this video with other users and earn up-to-50 additional social shares on Facebook to reach your target audience.10.

Become a fan.

You can earn $1,000 from the sale of your video during a week.11.

Retarget your audience.

Retrace your video’s original audience and use their social media accounts to reach a new audience.12.

Create new content.

Get a few friends to share your video so you can reach even more people.

If you have enough followers, you may also earn money through retargeting.13.

Sell your video after you earn money.

Sell it at a discount or even make a profit.14.

Promote your video by tweeting and sharing your video at least once per week for a year.15.

Create more videos.

You may want to create more videos that show you being creative.16.

Use Instagram to promote your video (if you haven’t already).

Upload your video from Instagram to Facebook, and you will receive an Instagram payment for every new video you post.17.

Promotes your video or posts your video of your own to your favorite social media platform, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest.18.

Share other videos that you have created.

You should also post the other videos on your social media channels.

You will earn $25 from each video that is shared.19.

Earn more money from your videos.

Share them with your peers and friends on Facebook for a larger audience.20.

Get more traffic.

Make a video of any type, even a video that doesn’t have to be a viral one.

For example, if you are making a short video about how to make homemade ice cream, you should also promote your ice cream ice cream video on Instagram and YouTube.21.

Sell a video for a discount.

Sell video on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to earn $100 in a week, or more.22.

Create another viral video.

Share a short film, video, or other creative video with a friend, and earn money from that video for the first week.23.

Promoted your video is a hit.

Promotions are good because you have your own fans who will click on links in your videos, and they will eventually share it with their friends.

You earn money for every 1,000 people who click on a link in your viral video, up until the maximum of 10,000.24.

Earn a lot of money with Facebook advertising.

Facebook is a great place to earn money because you can promote your short videos on Facebook at a lower rate.

It’s also a good place to monetize your videos by posting ads for your videos in Facebook.25.

Sell videos on Instagram.

Instagram is a wonderful platform for advertisers because it allows you to post ads for videos and other content.

The only thing you have to do is create an Instagram account and post a short link that says “I want to buy this video.”

If your video has an Instagram link, you earn $20 for every 30,000 clicks.26.

Earn cash from your video sales.

There are many ways to earn cash from videos, from sharing videos to buying merchandise, selling merchandise, or even selling ads on Facebook directly to your audience, and earning money for yourself.

You just have to follow a few rules and you should get the most money possible.27. Make


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