‘Suspended animation’ is a new way of thinking about art in post-industrial Britain

A new research study into post-war British culture and technology reveals that the country is beginning to “suspend animation”.

The article says that while the “satisfaction” of the art world is “an illusion”, there is now a growing demand for “sustained creative and creative-art activities”.

The study, published in the journal Art Education, looks at how the post-Industrial Society has affected the way we see, process and think about art.

The study’s co-author, Professor Alan Guttman from the Art Institute of Chicago, says that “sustainability and creativity” is an important theme in the study, which examines the relationship between art and society.

“In some ways, this is an extension of what I call ‘sustainabilism’ – a movement that aims to improve society’s environment and the environment of future generations,” he said.

“The idea is to reduce our environmental footprint by engaging in art and creative activities that are economically sustainable.”

The authors of the study suggest that a wider cultural and artistic debate about the “cultural consequences” of “sustainable” art and culture is needed to ensure that “future generations of art students are not left behind in the digital age”.

The “salt and light” effect that is emerging, Guttmann said, is a “very exciting trend in contemporary art”.

“This is a phenomenon that has been occurring for decades and I think it’s really important to look at it, to learn from it, and see what it means,” he added.

The researchers believe that “post-industrial society” is creating “an increasingly different, more fluid and unpredictable cultural environment”, with “an increasing desire for ‘sustaining creative and cultural activities’ in an increasingly digital world.”

The study looks at the “impact” of post-War “saturated” art, which is produced in the post industrial city of Liverpool and the “suburban, post-urban” arts community in London.

The authors suggest that post-Saturated art has “increased in the past decade” in terms of the “prestige and social status it commands in society”.

The authors also argue that “it is time to reexamine how we look at art, how we see it, what it is, and what it does for society.”

“The effect of postindustrial society has not changed over time.

But it has changed and grown in ways that affect the way in which art and art-making is understood,” the authors write.

“Post-industrial art has always been an aesthetic and aesthetic value.

Guttmeister said that there was an important link between art education and the art community. “

It is becoming an aesthetic value in the sense that its impact is being felt now, not just in art but in all forms of art.”

Guttmeister said that there was an important link between art education and the art community.

“Art education is a way of doing the arts that engages the community in the way that it wants to be engaged,” he explained.

“If we understand art as a place where we can have fun and make art and interact with others, and also if we understand it as an art form that is not just an art, that has a social purpose, and that is important to our community, then that is an exciting time.”

The article appears in the Art Education journal.


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