When you want to create a digital brand, use the tools at AllSwell

AllSwel is an online platform that offers creative media internship programs in London.

The service allows students to work on their first projects in the digital world, and the program is designed to help aspiring creatives get their first exposure.

The platform is designed for people between 18 and 24, but offers a variety of experience levels.

The startup’s website boasts of a range of projects, from graphic design to film and television, that can be submitted to AllSwels.

“Our internship program aims to give creatives the opportunity to learn the ropes of digital media development in a professional environment and to have the opportunity for growth, which is key to creating a sustainable career,” says cofounder and CEO Adam Jankowski.

“There are a lot of opportunities out there for people who are looking for a creative career, and we’ve created a program that will give them a safe place to work.”

AllSwen’s internship program has been in existence for two years, and since launch, the company has been expanding its services.

According to AllSWell, it is one of the fastest growing internship platforms in the world.

The program currently has over 7,000 students participating, with an average of 5,000 to 6,000 graduates each month.

The company has also created a mobile app that allows students the ability to submit projects to Allswel.

This app allows students access to the same editing tools used by AllSweln’s staff.

“We’ve got a fantastic community here, and it’s really great to see people really stepping up and sharing their experiences,” Jankowsky says.

“I think we’ve got this really good talent pool here that’s growing and that’s the reason we’re expanding to London, and to work with other people.

We’re also working with an incredible community of students who are also working on other projects.”

The startup has already seen a positive response from creatives.

According, over the last year, the startup has received more than 20,000 submissions from creative students, which the startup believes is an encouraging sign for the future.

AllSwEL is also one of many UK-based internship platforms to be working with creatives, including Creative Studio and Creative Arts Academy.

The former is a network of students working in the UK, and has since been acquired by B2B marketplace Startup Academy, and Creative Artists.

The latter is a creative agency that works in the creative space in the U.K., and is one the companies working with the startup.

All Swel has also partnered with Creative Arts Academies on the AllSwelling project.

“It’s really exciting to see all the talent we have coming together to build the All Swelling platform,” Jinkowski says.

The AllSweling program is open to anyone between 18 to 24 years of age, and is available to all creatives who are willing to apply.

AllSWel has recently expanded its services in London, as well, with the company looking to launch an international internship program later this year.

The international internship will run for six weeks, and will have three phases.

“The first phase is about a week-long creative process, with three months of intensive work on each of the projects,” says Jankowski.

“After this phase, we’ll work with the students to see if they’re interested in continuing on with the program.

The second phase is an in-person program, and once you’re done working with a student, we will contact you and give you a call back to work from the start.”

All Swell’s website is currently down, but the company will soon be updating its mobile app.

“In order to keep the quality of the platform high, we’re working with B2Bs to help us out with the international internship, but it is not complete yet,” Jikeowski says, adding that the app will be updated soon.

“Once we launch the app, it will allow creatives to create, share, and edit their projects directly from anywhere in the city.

We will also be offering an international option for people to apply, so if you’re in London and want to work, we can help you.”

The All Sweling platform is currently in the middle of expansion, with Jankowkski saying he hopes to add more content over time.

Allswell’s app is available on Android and iOS, and can be found here.


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