Here’s what the ‘creative’ digital media industry is like in 2018

Creative digital media is booming in 2018, with a glut of new content being released and more than 3,000 writers and producers writing and producing every day.

The year began with a surge of new digital media titles and the release of more than 2,400 new video titles and audio-only albums, but 2017 saw the biggest year-over-year growth in digital content publishing in years, according to Nielsen.

That growth came at the expense of traditional publishing and traditional music publishing, which saw both a drop in total digital content and a decrease in print revenue.

The new crop of content comes from a wide variety of genres, including: games, video, music, comedy, fashion, movies, and more.

However, digital media also includes digital news, which has expanded dramatically in recent years, especially with a focus on online platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

The number of online-only digital news publications surged nearly 12 percent year over year in 2018.

In 2018, the number of U.S. publications that published digital content in print grew to more than 5 million, according a Nielsen survey.

But publishers are also focusing on digital-only content to help promote the digital publishing and distribution industry.

The rise of digital content can also be a boon for those who work in the digital media business, as it allows them to focus more time on their craft, according the report.

For example, the 2017 Digital Media Report, commissioned by the Recording Industry Association of America, found that more than half of publishing houses surveyed had seen an increase in their digital content, while print publishing had seen a decline.

But that trend has shifted recently, according this report, with the number publishing new digital content at the highest rate in five years.

As publishers continue to build digital content for distribution, they are also building a more diverse slate of titles.

The new Digital Media Reviewer, which includes news, culture, and business articles, also focuses on diversity and inclusion.

In addition to the report’s diversity section, there are also articles from women writers and people of color in print media.

And digital media outlets are also looking to include more diverse voices in their programming.

According to the Pew Research Center, digital content was the second-most popular media genre after television in 2018 with more than three-quarters of respondents using digital media for content creation.

But the number that are currently publishing digital content has slowed significantly over the last few years, with less than half a percent of respondents writing digital content each year.


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