Why this new film is so much more than a story about a group of young girls exploring their sexuality in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall: A movie

The story of a group who form a secret Facebook group that they discuss the subject of sexual harassment in an intimate way with each other has become something of a new media phenomenon in 2016.

The movie follows the story of the group, known as ‘The Women’, who are exploring their own sexuality after being targeted by Harvey Weinstein, as well as others in the entertainment industry who have accused him of sexual assault and harassment.

The women are also involved in a Facebook group called ‘The Bitch Club’, which has about a dozen members and has been described as the first group of its kind.

Its members are not only concerned about the impact of sexual abuse on young women but also the impact it has on men, with one member even admitting to having raped a man after being sexually assaulted.

But the group’s existence was discovered by The Hollywood Reporter, who discovered that the Facebook group was run by a man who goes by the name ‘Jack’.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Press, The Hollywood Post spoke with Jack about the origins of the Facebook groups, the controversy surrounding the group and the women who join the group.

How did the idea of The Bitch Clubs start?

It was created by my friend, Nick, and a friend of his, Josh, who were just getting into acting.

I’m not sure if they’re friends of mine, but I know Nick is a huge fan of horror movies.

We’re friends so they said, “What if we created a Facebook page for these two of us?

What if we just started a Facebook Group and started talking about these subjects?

We could talk about what it was like for women when they went through that.

And we could get these guys to just get involved.

It was just a really fun way to have these conversations.”

What inspired you to create the Facebook Group?

I had never met Josh before and had never really been in a social circle before.

So I had no idea what this group was, but it was fun.

Josh and I had been friends for a couple of years, and he was a huge horror fan.

We were all just really into horror movies and he loved all of them, so I thought, I should just start a group and just talk about stuff.

And then the more I talked to people about it, the more we got excited.

Josh, Josh and Josh.

So you guys both know each other.

How long have you been friends?

Josh has been acting for three years, so it was just us just having these conversations, really.

I’ve known him for a year.

What was it like for you guys to be on the same page?

It was awesome.

It wasn’t like it was some secret thing, it was a real thing.

And Josh is really funny, so he was really supportive of us.

And he was like, “You guys are awesome.

Let’s get together and talk about it.”

And we did, and then we got some really good people on it, so the whole thing just blossomed.

Why was it important to create a Facebook for these groups?

When I started the Facebook for the group it was mostly because it was happening in the news, so there were a lot of people saying horrible things about it.

It didn’t really have the same impact, but at the same time, it’s really about getting to know other people, which is what we really want to do.

We wanted to talk about things we had in common, things that we shared.

It just so happened that we all had some similar interests and so it became a fun way for us to meet other people who have similar interests.

We didn’t want to be all, “Oh, I’m a bad person.

You can’t say that.

I’m just here to talk.”

Why did you decide to focus on this subject?

We’re talking about something really sensitive and taboo, and that’s something I’ve been really into for a while.

We’ve been talking about how it’s been a really good year for women in the industry.

We talked about the new #MeToo movement and all of the women coming forward and being the faces of the movement, so for us it’s just been really exciting to talk to other people about what has been going on.

Did you find that it made people uncomfortable?

Yeah, it definitely did.

People were like, you guys are making a movie about this.

I was like “Yeah, that’s great, but why do you need to do this?”

So we had to go through some personal issues with Josh and we’re like, well, maybe we should focus on the topics that are really important to us.

I think people get really uncomfortable when people talk about issues like that, so we’re just going to focus our attention on those issues instead of the topics of sexual violence and harassment and


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