Media fly creative on creative edge media recruiting

Media fly on creative Edge, which seeks to build an alternative media platform that is designed to provide quality content to media, as it seeks to attract more employees and build out its business. 

In an interview, Mark Piscitelli, co-founder and CEO of the company, described the new venture as a “digital advertising and marketing platform” for the media. 

“Our goal is to build a sustainable, growing business that we can invest in and make money on,” Piscitli told The Wall Street Journal.

“If that’s what we want to do, I think that’s the way to go.

We believe in what’s happening in the media space.

We have to be creative in our business model and create something that’s going to be successful.”

Piscitello said that he sees Edge as “an alternative media recruiting platform.” 

“We want to be the platform for news and content that will not only help us build our business but also help our business grow,” he said. 

As part of the acquisition, the new company will be renamed Creative Edge Media, and the founders will also become part of an existing advisory board and be able to remain on the company’s board. 

Piscitlli, who joined MediaFly in 2013, said the company was looking to expand beyond its original business model. 

For example, Pisciteri said, the company would also consider launching a “media startup incubator.”

“We believe that this is the right place for us to invest in a new kind of digital advertising and advertising platform,” Pascitelli said.

“We believe we can build out a business from scratch.” 

Pascitello told The Journal that the deal would not be completed until the company raised an initial round of capital. 

But, he added, “the business model that we’ve built so far is working very well for us.

We’re in a very good place right now.” 

In addition to the acquisition of Creative Edge, the Journal said the other companies that are part of this new venture are: “Advantage Media,” a news media and advertising business; “Digg,” a content delivery company; and “Digital Media Networks,” a media and media advertising company. 

Read more about the acquisition: 


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