What’s the difference between Creative Media courses and Creative Media certification?

Creativity courses are typically offered at a community college or university, where they are required for entry into a creative industry.

This type of course is often associated with students pursuing a career in a particular field of creative art.

Certification requirements vary widely, with some states requiring more advanced degrees to be considered a creative-industry degree.

Creative-industries certifications can be gained at any level of education, from high school to the university level, though some universities have even more stringent requirements.

Most universities require at least a bachelor’s degree in creative arts, as well as a high school diploma, to be eligible for certification.

Many schools also offer a Creative-Industry Certificate program.

While these programs offer students the opportunity to further hone their craft through hands-on experience, they may also provide students with an opportunity to develop and refine their own craft and create a portfolio of work.

While the content of Creative-Media certification is typically taught through a curriculum that is more akin to a creative agency or website, some schools offer creative-media certificates online as well.

The following list of Creative Media certificate programs is provided for reference only.

For more information on the types of Creative Industries certification offered by each of these schools, please visit the certification programs page.

Creative Media Certification Programs


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