Creative Media Lab, with support from Microsoft, has created a machine learning platform that can predict how a movie will be received by consumers

Microsoft has announced it is working with the creative media industry to build an artificial intelligence platform that will help publishers build their content, helping them improve their audiences’ experience with digital content.

The new platform, called Creative Media Labs, will be developed by the creative content company Microsoft and its Visual AI Lab (VAIL), and it will be used to help create content based on insights from the data that are being collected from viewers, the two companies said on Tuesday.

The technology is being developed to help publishers improve their audience engagement with their films and other creative content by using machine learning and deep learning techniques to understand audience habits and habits of viewers, and to help them adapt content to their audiences, they said.

“Creative Media Labs is designed to help creative professionals and content creators make better decisions about the content they produce,” said Phil Savage, director of Microsoft’s Visual AI Labs.

“We are excited to partner with VAIL on this initiative to help make the future of creative work easier and more engaging.”

Microsoft’s first AI platform, Visual Studio, was developed to support AI-powered creative processes and workflows.”VAIL has built a deep and capable AI platform that is designed for the future,” said Microsoft chief operating officer Brad Smith in a statement.

“With VAIL’s AI platform and a diverse ecosystem of developers, researchers, and companies, we are seeing this kind of AI revolution happening faster than we thought.”

Creative Content Lab is being built in collaboration with Google’s DeepMind and the University of Waterloo.VAIL’s technology was built in partnership with Microsoft’s Bing research lab, the University at Buffalo and the New York University’s Media Lab.

It has been built with expertise from Microsoft’s Machine Learning team, as well as Google’s machine learning team.

Microsoft has previously developed machine learning technology for its Azure cloud service and has partnerships with companies including Google and Facebook.

Microsoft has partnered with Google on several projects to develop AI technologies for the cloud, including a new machine learning API for Bing that will allow publishers to leverage machine learning in the cloud.


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