Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Mobile Preview app will be the only place you can download and install Windows 10 on smartphones

Posted by The Verge on Monday, November 30, 2017 07:25:52Microsoft is launching its new Windows Mixed Reality headset at its Build developer conference in Los Angeles today, promising a preview version of the headset that will work with Windows 10.

Microsoft will also debut its new Mixed Reality app, which will allow people to use the headsets in real time, as well as a virtual reality mode, which can be played in real-time on the headsets own built-in VR headset.

Microsoft has been working on its Mixed Reality platform for the past few months, and last month unveiled its first hardware, the HoloLens.

Microsoft has been testing the headset’s capabilities and tracking with a range of devices, including the HoloLink headset and HoloLens Pro.

Microsoft also announced last month that it will begin shipping the HoloLite virtual reality headset, which includes the HoloCapsule, the Windows Mixed reality headset.

The headset also supports a range the HoloGoggles and the HoloEye, which are connected to a range from Windows 10 Home, to Surface Hub, to the HoloPassport.

Microsoft is also showing off its new Microsoft Mixed Reality SDK, which allows developers to create VR experiences that work across a range to Microsoft devices.

The SDK will allow developers to add new features and interact with existing apps, including in-game and in-app content, in order to bring immersive experiences to Windows 10 devices.


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