‘I have to say: It’s a great day’: Israel celebrates 25 years of the country’s ‘Day of Light’

Israel celebrated its 25th anniversary of its “Day of Lights” festival, which marks the anniversary of the founding of Israel.The ceremony marked the first time the country had ever held a public celebration of the event.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accompanied by his wife Sara, and his two children, Asher and Rachel, were on hand at […]

Biscardi launches new creative media division that focuses on video content and podcasts

Biscardis is building a new creative technology and entertainment business.Biscardo’s CEO and founder, Greg Biscar, said the company will focus on video, podcasts, and content that people can share, listen to, and consume.It’s the same strategy Biscarelli pioneered with its “Biscardi Stories” program, a podcast and video series that brought Biscara’s video-game developer friends together.The […]

Lions Media Creative: “Lions Media Creative” team is launching its own digital media company, “Lion Media Creative.”

Creative Church Media Creative (CCM) is a creative church media company.CCM has a portfolio of media brands, including the Lion Media Creative logo and the Lion Creative brand, which is owned by the Lions Group.The company also has a website.The Lion Media Media Creative team is led by CEO and co-founder Andrew Waugh.CCI has already […]

Media fly creative on creative edge media recruiting

Media fly on creative Edge, which seeks to build an alternative media platform that is designed to provide quality content to media, as it seeks to attract more employees and build out its business. In an interview, Mark Piscitelli, co-founder and CEO of the company, described the new venture as a “digital advertising and marketing platform” […]

What does ‘mixed media’ mean?

With so many digital media formats and styles emerging from the digital age, there are some obvious questions about what exactly they are.In this week’s ABC News Online, we explore some of those questions and find out what is a “mixed” media campaign and what they are not.

How to get your creative juices flowing: A guide

Creative Media Agency: What to know about Creative Media and how to use it in your own creative work?Creative Media can help you to achieve your goals.It is also one of the best places to start your creative career.Creative Media is a non-profit organisation which works in partnership with the Creative Media Association to provide […]


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