NHL team announces sale of media rights

NEW YORK — The New York Rangers announced today that it has sold its media rights to Creative Media Group, which will retain ownership of NHL Network and the Rangers’ online streaming platform.The sale is subject to regulatory approval, and is expected to close in the second half of the year.Creative Media Group has a […]

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Mobile Preview app will be the only place you can download and install Windows 10 on smartphones

Posted by The Verge on Monday, November 30, 2017 07:25:52Microsoft is launching its new Windows Mixed Reality headset at its Build developer conference in Los Angeles today, promising a preview version of the headset that will work with Windows 10.Microsoft will also debut its new Mixed Reality app, which will allow people to use the […]

Biscardi launches new creative media division that focuses on video content and podcasts

Biscardis is building a new creative technology and entertainment business.Biscardo’s CEO and founder, Greg Biscar, said the company will focus on video, podcasts, and content that people can share, listen to, and consume.It’s the same strategy Biscarelli pioneered with its “Biscardi Stories” program, a podcast and video series that brought Biscara’s video-game developer friends together.The […]

An Incomplete Guide to the Word of God

An incomplete guide to the word of God is a common refrain in evangelical Christian circles.“There’s only one way to learn it, it’s by reading it and practicing it,” says Dr. Robert P. Goodrich, a Baptist minister, author, and lecturer.But how much do we really know about how to learn the word?Dr. Goodrock and Dr. […]

Google says it will ban offensive ads that use racial slurs as Google’s “primary search engine”

Google is banning offensive ads from its search engine as part of an effort to reduce racial discrimination in search results.Google announced the changes Monday.“Google has a long history of making changes to our search results to improve user experience and content, and we expect this change to help Google make more personalized search experiences,” […]

The future of digital media looks bright: ABC

The future looks bright for the ABC.It’s a key reason why digital TV subscriptions have more than doubled in just a decade.The ABC’s digital audience has grown by more than 20 per cent since 2009.It now has more than 1.2 million people using the ABC iPlayer, up from just over 500,000 two years ago.And there’s […]

Lions Media Creative: “Lions Media Creative” team is launching its own digital media company, “Lion Media Creative.”

Creative Church Media Creative (CCM) is a creative church media company.CCM has a portfolio of media brands, including the Lion Media Creative logo and the Lion Creative brand, which is owned by the Lions Group.The company also has a website.The Lion Media Media Creative team is led by CEO and co-founder Andrew Waugh.CCI has already […]


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